Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Royal Fairy & Elf Theme Wedding Inspiration: Part 3

Now I'm uploaded another 2 sample real wedding venue for royal fairy themed. Even outdoor or indoor also can be set up as the display pictures at above. Thus, don't worry that if you really want to have a fairytale wedding, every venue also can make your dream comes true. Decoration is the important part to achieve your wedding theme expectation. Just try to put more affort on it, no doubt on it.
Imitate Barbie's wedding dress, looks grand

Flowergirl's dress code
Flower Crown or Princess Royal Crown

Another sample of fairytale dressing

Very classic of Bride's fairy wedding dress

Ballet Fairytale

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  1. Malaysia have do Royal and Elf wedding theme ? I want find hotel do this wedding theme , but i cannot find .