Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Royal Fairy & Elf Theme Wedding Inspiration: Part 1

"Fairy~Fairy~Fairy~I want to make a wish." I believe every bride hope their wedding as full of fairytale dream wedding. Now I would like to share some pictures that I found. Actually this theme wedding is part of presentation while I was studying wedding planner course. What I can say that, you just try to imagine how's the fairy & elf look like and yet, if you have watch "The Lord of the Ring", the characters are similar as what i posted. Start to use your imagination and see whether those pictures are the same concept as yours?

Location, sure is forest is better venue. Do you found that most of the colours they used is quite colourful? used warm and sweet in colours

Owl Feather Wedding Cake

Autumn Wedding Cake (optional)

Another Sample of Table Setting
Can used it as wedding dinner

Table Setting (Feather is part of the props)

Wood Candle Stand (Props as well)

Dessert (Grape & Strawberry)

Turtle & Dwarfs (Props)

Camp (We know that Fairy lives around tree; Use camp to replace tree, more special look)

Fairy's Shoes ..So cute^^(Props)

Next will show more about the dressing and others ...To be continued

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