Monday, May 23, 2011

Peranakan Wedding

Peranakan Wedding, same meaning as "Baba-nyonya wedding", which is rare race in Malaysia. Most that we can found those race is in Melaka or Penang. More in detail, "Peranakan" means "Descendants" in english. Babas refer to the male descendants & Nyonyas are the female.

Actually origins come from around 1459, Chinese ship sailed into a Malaccan Port(Melaka). It's interior was delicately pinned with gold needles. The Melaka's King, Sultan Mansur Shah met up with the captain and was thinking that the Chinese Emperor is not to be taken lightly. Then, the Sultan ordered many sacks of sago and sent it to the captain's ship. Emperor Yong Le was struck by Sultan Mansur Shah's wit. He decided to send her Princess Hang Li Poh marry to Sultan. After that, her attendants subsequently given in marriage to court officials. Thus, we named them as baba & nyonya. This is what we can say why Malaysia has so many races as part of the reasons.

Following is the presentation that I am sorted a year ago. (Just click on the slides to enlarge it which allow u to see it clearly)

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