Thursday, July 28, 2011

DIY 6: Eco Paper Bag Stars

Wow! www.hostessblog.com gives me an amazing idea for doing DIY by using unexpensive eco paper bag. I love this website so so much!! =) Now I'm sharing this idea to everyone, hope it is useful for you all. If want to know more detail, please search that particular website. You sure won't regret what I am suggesting to you. =)

Equipments Required: 5 Paper Bags, Double-sided Tape, String, Scissors, Hole Punch

Cut off the end of paper bags
Stack all the paper bags, then cut the other ends into a point

Place two double-sided tape at either each sides of paper bag, need near the ends

Stack all the paper bag and punch a hole through them at the middle of bottom. Then, put the string and tie it all together but not too tightly

Join the two ends together. It is DONE! =)

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