Friday, June 3, 2011

Pirates Theme Wedding

Hello Friday to every readers!How's to spend your friday tonight?Do you grab a ticket to watch "Pirates of Carribean"?Last week, I tried to get ticket to watch it, but unfortunately, it is out of tickets as school holiday now. Thus, I will watch it by this week or next week. Hope so. =)

Here i found some real pirates theme wedding! I feel it is gorgeous and unbelievable!Really have couple to make this special costume theme. Not bad!

Invitation Card ,attach with the map in a bottle

Treasure boxes (Can buy it from China Town)

Wedding Cup Cakes: Sample 1

Wedding Cake:Sample 2

Wedding Cake by Ship Drawing: Sample 3

Here I know that there has 2 places in Malaysia, which got similar design ship as "Pirates of Carribean". One is Melaka, which is a museum actually. I think do pre-wedding shooting can using that location.

Besides, Penang also has a restaurant called "The Ship" which is a western restaurant. The appearance of the restaurant is based on SHIP design. If you want make your party or wedding special, can held it at "The Ship", Matching the themed.

Hotel's Ballroom also can achieve your pirate theme as well. No problem at all.

Another is if the bride likes garden wedding, also can make it in the garden or beach. The important is the costume you wear and your guests and the props for the decoration. Then, no worries about your theme and let it be!

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  1. It's usually nice to link to the source where you took the images (three of them belong to me).