Thursday, June 2, 2011

Car Decoration

Last few days, my close friend asked me do him a favor regarding the research about car decoration. Normally while I was doing weddings, I won't care too much about car deco. But now, I just realize that there is many many of gorgeous and creative car deco samples actually.

Balloon + tins are tied at the back
2 BIG RINGS as deco at the front

Full of Roses are putted at the side
Golden Leaves2 Ring of Bells( as centerpiece on VIP table also looks nice)

3 Different sizes of flower deco

A white Rose with a large Ribbon, simple and looks classy

Purple colour theme car deco

2 Little cute "Groom & Bride" car deco

Handmade "Just Married" board with tins


  1. Awesome car decorations. Keep up the good work. All the best.

  2. With the many stylish wedding car decorations available these days. Wedding Car Decorations is more important in Asian community . In India wedding care decorated with different things . wedding Car decorated with flowers and different artificial things .